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Link East Africa Shipping

It's About Time...
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Link East Africa Shipping is dedicated to providing excellent freight forwarding services to East African customers with trustworthy customer service. We are diligent freight forwarders with focus on delivery time.

Time is of essence… we are about time. We are your "Link Partners" linking you to East Africa and world market place.


 We ship cargo to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan

Our clearing partners at East African ports are well established with over 30 years in business and are highly rated within the freight forwarding industries.


Our shipping charges are volume based. All that fit in a box is same price. Big or small we will ship it for you.

Cargo Transit Time is 45 - 60 days


Have peace of mind and track your cargo shipping status online. Our prices are inclusive of shipping cost, Customs charges at destination port, and delivery from our distribution warehouse in Nairobi. We call consignee ahead of time while clearing the consignment at port to prepare for pickup.

It’s About Time……We value time ….


Become a Sales Agent Representative in your City and area for Link East Africa Shipping.
Compensation is great. Call or email us for more information

You will find prices for all kind of boxes that fit your needs. Also check out other household items prices. Call to get your price...
Pay by credit cards online. We accept Visa, Master card and Discover card. When you pay online the money is held by the bank until container is loaded giving you the assurance that your money and cargo are safe.
We offer special discount prices to bulk household item (LCL) and full container cargo (FCL).
Returning Residents prefer to ship with us, because our prices are unmatched by any one else.
Our refund and return policy, is take back your cargo and get refund before loading the container.
NOW ACCEPTING There is 2.03% surcharge to every transaction for use of payment port


All payment must be paid to Link East Africa Shipping at the time of shipment drop-off or collection.

Contact Us

Comments, questions, suggestions? Please email and let us know. For critical questions, please contact us at the phone numbers listed below

Link East Africa Shipping
Phone: 206 719 1032; 410 736 2544

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